Poster Presentations

Electrosynthesis for Grown ZnO Nanoparticles Deposited onto HY Zeolite for Enhanced Deocolorization of Organic Dyes
A.A. Jalil, N. Sapawe, and S. Triwahyono

Synthesis of Zeolite ZSM-5 with A Variation of the Molar Concentration of H2O
Ana Hidayati Mukaromah, Buchori, and Rino R. Mukti

Synthesis of NiO/SiO2 Using Amino-Substituted Alkoxisilane by Sol-Gel Method
Arif Maulana, I Nyoman Marsih, and Irma Mulyani

The Usage of Indonesia Palm Empty Bunch Ash As A Catalyst of Water Hydrolysis Reaction with Aluminium for Hydrogen Production
Erlindawati, Triandi Kuseno, Adhitiyawarman, Andi Hairil Alimuddin, and Syahrul Khairi


Electrosynthesized of CuO/HY Catalyst for Enhanced Photodeocolorization of Malachite Green
N.W.C. Jusoh, A.A. Jalil, M.A.H. Satar, S. Triwahyono, H.D. Setiabudi, N.H.N. Kamarudin, N.F. Jafar, N. Sapawe, and R. Jusoh

Study on Heterogeneous Catalysis Using Support Solid Silica As An Alternative Homogenous in Nitration of Eugenol
Herry Cahyana A., Widajanti Wibowo, and Fikri Sultoni 

FeCl3 and HSO3CF3 Impregnated on Porous Silica As Heterogeneous Catalysts for Benzaldehyde and Ethanol Reaction
Widyastuti Samadi, Arvinda Widyana, Iman Abdullah, and Ridla Bakri

Hierarchically Porous MFI Zeolites Synthesized Through Steam-Assisted Crystallization Method with Seeding
Mita Rilyanti, Rino R. Mukti, Masaru Ogura, Hadi Nur, and Ismunandar

MFI Zeolite Synthesis Using Cyclic Ketal Compounds As Green Structure-Directing Agent
Dyah Y. Hidayat, Rino R. Mukti, and Didin Mujahidin